January 29, 2008

Buy Your Way into Atwater Village's Stomach

For sale: Whole Food for Life Market (not Whole Foods Market)
THERE MAY BE A HOUSING crisis in Southern California (and elsewhere) but what does it mean when a neighborhood also has a rash of retail establishments on the market? For a mere $5.25 million, some enterprising moms-and-pops could take a commanding lead as Atwater Village gastronomists. (And unlike Whole Food for Life's original listing in November, it looks like the market now includes that cash-cow billboard above the yellow building.)
  • $300,000 - Indochine Vien - 3110 Glendale Blvd. - Resaurant serving Vietnamese comfort food ... "great reviews and ratings" ... "'The Grove' will be coming soon to its neighboring area" ... "Starbucks and Wine Tasting Company is in construction across the street."
  • $4,600,000 - Whole Food for Life - 3070 Los Feliz Blvd. - 9,800 sq ft ethnic grocer with possibly confusing brand - "In addition to the super market income, owners receive approx. $3000/m. for the signage above the supermarket."
  • $350,000 - 55 Degrees Wine - 3111 Glendale Blvd. - Before it's even open, this has been listed a couple of times for sale on Craigslist; it may be sold now, and our friends at Franklin Avenue suggest the brown paper window covers may be coming down soon.

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