January 24, 2008

Eye of the Storm?

FROM WHAT LOOKS LIKE Los Feliz Blvd. above the 5, this ABC 7 reporter gives the wet details of last night's on-and-off rain. Being from a land-locked state in the middle of the country - where "winter storm" means you die from 5 minutes of wind-chill exposure - I still get a kick out of the histrionic TV coverage of LA's "heavy showers."

(I say that now, of course, but heaven forbid the Griffith Park hillsides start sliding into my neighborhood.)


Miles said...

I love that the "reporter" went on location approximately 5 minutes from KABC's station. Really in the elements, channel 7! Putting your cold neck on the line.

Geo said...

And now with Doppler radar, every yellow/red weather "cell" portends the return of the Biblical Great Flood! How did we ever survive the rain before??