April 15, 2010

Major Police Action on Sunnynook Drive This Afternoon: My Eyewitness Account

Sunnynook Arrest

WHAT LOOKED a raid that started with plain-clothes officers subduing at least 2 suspects turned into a complete takeover of Sunnynook Drive in central Atwater Village today by dozens of Los Angeles Police Department officers. It happened suddenly, this afternoon just before 6:00pm, involving undercover vehicles, LAPD cruisers and helicopter support.

And guess what house was at the center of the action? Yup, the so-called Sunnynook Meth House, the same one police raided back in summer 2007.

Your humble Newbie was there, unintentionally, literally caught in the middle, driving up Sunnynook when one undercover officer brandished his weapon and told me not to move, lest my vehicle get in the way of an arrest in progress. (More of my photos here.)

Could this finally mean the end of the Sunnynook Meth House menace?

UPDATE: Other eyewitnesses counted 13 LAPD units and, 3 hours later, saw a half dozen more arrests elsewhere in the neighborhood.


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I was in my uncle's house on Griffith View Dr. I saw the police chopper do a tight circle, I knew it was Sunnynook.