April 7, 2010

Tom Hanks: As Seen in Atwater Village

Location scouts at night?? The work never stops. Hanx on TwitpicAS MENTIONED in his Twitter feed, Tom Hanks was hanging in Atwater Village, hunting locations for a new movie. Dude has 14 movies in development, including one called How Starbucks Saved My Life, which might explain this photo he posted Monday night around 7:30pm. He's across the street from our local Starbucks on Glendale Blvd., and it looks like he standing in front of the Artology 101 gallery or, perhaps, the medical marijuana dispensary next door. Hey, no one's judging.

UPDATE: Other Hanks photos seems to indicate he's scouting for Larry Crowne, co-starring Hanks, Julia Roberts, Brian Cranston; due out 2011.

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