June 10, 2007

Sweet Sweep! Mrs. Newbie's Cookie Cleans Up

And the Winner Is...
WE SAW STIFF COMPETITION today at the Atwater Village Street Festival, and not just from puppies and showgirls.

A delectable table offered dozens of baked goodies to the undisclosed judges of the Homemade Cookie Contest.

Of the four prizes - best classic, best taste, best decorated and best youth (under 14) entry - the Pink Lady, baked by my very own Mrs. Newbie, won two!

They ain't Grammys, but I'm awful proud. Without further ado, Mrs. Newbie's acceptance post:
Dear Judges of the Atwater Cookie Contest:

Thanks for voting for my cookie, the Pink Lady.

You made my day, my week, my month and maybe my year by voting for my cookie as best tasting and best decorated.

It's my solemn pledge to you that I will serve with pride as one of the Atwater Village cookie winners. I promise to make lots of delicious Pink Ladies for all deserving people throughout the year. I promise to represent Atwater Village as a wonderful place to live and eat cookies. I will respect my neighbors, postman, and garbage collector by giving them the Pink Lady cookie during the holidays.

And I pledge to pray for all the poor souls in Los Angeles who don’t live in such a cool neighborhood and who don’t have cookie contests to enter.

There are a few people I really need to thank for my cookie conquest.

First and foremost, the judges. You have very good taste.

Second, to all the other participants of the cookie contest. Your cookies really gave me a run for my money and had me sweating. As I put my cookies on the table I have to admit that I felt defeated looking at everyone’s delicacies. Amazing!

And last but not least, Mr. Newbie. His complete devotion to me and my cookies has never wavered. He is my biggest fan and my biggest critic and is always willing to eat 'one more' for the sake of helping me refine my skills.

Without Mr. Newbie there would be no Pink Lady.
UPDATE: See 19 more photos from today's neighborhood street fest.

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UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Curbed LA links to Mrs. Newbie's win.

UPDATE TO THE OTHER UPDATES: Tastespotting and LAist add links too.


Amy said...

Congratulations Mrs. Newbie. Your cookie looks delicious! Looks like you had a fun day in Atwater--I am already starting to get excited for Eagle Rock's (my neck of the woods) music festival in October.

beth said...

before you get booked for the summer.. don't forget a certain godson(s) who need a birthday cake...

you are a b a k e r !!!

we can't wait to taste the next batch!


katiesmurphy said...

i wandered by the judges' table while they were cleaning up. one of the people staffing it said "you HAVE to try one of these! these are the best!!" there was only one left and I got it. That pink lady was sooo good! Soft frosting is the best, and there was something particularly good in it. (lemon?) whatever it was, thank you!

Miles said...

Congrats to the newbie family!

AVN said...

Gosh, thanks, neighbors! We can feel the love. Next year, we'll make enough Pink Ladies for everyone.

Mike Everleth said...

When's the Newbie bakery going to be opening up on Glendale Blvd.? I need to get me some of these cookies!

BTW: What exactly are the Pink Ladies? They do look delicious.

City Muse said...

That is one fine looking cookie. Congrats to Mrs. Newbie on winning the contest. I just linked to your post on Tastespotting.

Btw, I second badmike. At least tell us what they taste like. Crunchy or chewy? Sweet or tart? =P

fletcher drive said...

I ate two Pink Ladies... loved them… they left me wanting more.

AVN said...

Mrs. Newbie Here.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback. I'm still feeling the glow from my award. And after spending a day in the sun at the street festival I can tell you the glow might be coming from my very pink skin. How appropriate that the name of cookie is the 'Pink Lady'?

For those of you curious about the taste of the cookie it looks like Luis could tell you how yummy it is but for further detail I'll tell you about my recipe. The cookie is a Ruby Red grapefruit cookie sandwich with Ruby Red grapefruit cream filling. The juice is freshly squeezed and I let the dough marinate in the juices for a few days so that its saturated with grapefruit goodness. Its very sweet and not too tart.

Its my own adapted recipe that I've been working on for a while. Now if I could just convince Mr. Newbie to buy me a Pro-Line KitchenAid I could make batches for everyone in Atwater.

AVN said...

By the way, Badmike and City Muse, here's what the Pink Lady tastes like.