August 31, 2010

Tweet Me Like a Newbie

RECENT NEWS too small to blog, too big to ignore, from the Atwater Village Newbie Twitter feed:
  • Atwater Village Neighborhood Council considering whether "anonymous" online forum users need to be vetted in person: (They'd never approve this blog, eh?)
  • "Pick up a fresh baguette, flaky croissant and shot of espresso... plus the doughnut muffin" ... Village Bakery & CafĂ©:
  • 25 years ago Atwater Village residents petitioned to close ""smelly, dangerous" tunnels ... Now, are some re-opening?
  • Sat what? Deaf tourists have car towed from Hollywood to yard in Atwater Village:
  • What it's like in the kitchen at CanelĂ©, by one of the "friends" who "cook," J. Paul Higgins, on the Bon Appetit blog:

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