August 19, 2010

Considerate Vandals? Paint on Garden Ave.

FROM A READER in South Atwater Village today:
I wanted to give you a heads up about vandalism this morning on Garden Ave between Tyburn and Glendale.

It looks like the house on the corner of Tyburn and Garden was being repainted, and someone took a roller of paint and tagged the wall of that house, then went up the block and painted over several car windows.

Seems fairly random, but looked like they got 5 to 10 cars on the block. They only painted over the windows, so I guess they were considerate vandals?
Anyone else spot the mess? Anyone leave their paint supplies out overnight?


AJ said...

My friends car was one of them and unfortunately they also painted the trunk of her car.

zoo_dude said...

They also broke into a car with intention of stealing it. Thank goodness it wasn't stolen. But this is now more than just simply Vandalism.

zoo_dude said...

Also, not only on Garden Ave. but also on Larga.

Molly said...

I noticed a car on Sunnynook in central A near the corner of Edenhurst on the morning of 8/19 with a painted windshield (just the driver side). The paint container and roller were sitting on the hood - container upside down and roller just sitting on the hood. I'd initially thought it was a targeted attack, and not something more random. hmmmm

Jen H. said...

Madera and Gracia on night of 8/20. Tagged the big fence there that always gets tagged.

Nitheesh said...

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