November 15, 2007

Walking the Village

ONE WISE NEIGHBOR'S opinion on the most walkable neighborhood in Los Angeles, from Curbed LA:
Gotta say Atwater Village. Where else can you pass 3 coffee spots, a cuban place, two vietnamese places, a taco place, a dive bar, five or six galleries, a water store, a check cashing joint, two banks, multiple new hipster clothing stores, recording studios and a Christian Discount store in three blocks? Seriously.


Miles said...

I forgot to mention the coffin store and Acapulcos and the Mexican Market. Damn.

Jim said...

From my parents' place, I can walk 2 blocks to Vince's. Thats good enough for me.

Miles said...

Lord, how I love their carnitas sandwich.

Brendan said...

i love walking/running/skating/biking our neighborhood.