August 5, 2007

So What's the Second Best?

Clean Sweep, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

DID ANYONE KNOW the phrase "Best of L.A." was a trademark - nay, registered trademark - of Ennis Communications, the Indiana-based corporation that puts out Los Angeles Magazine? From the August 2007 "best of" issue:
Walk Along the L.A. River: The L.A. River is at its renegade best where Los Feliz Boulevard crosses the 5 in Atwater Village. Here at the Glendale Narrows, cement paths for jogging, walking, biking, and horseback riding line the river’s green expanse. Herons and egrets fish for spawning carp among willows and palms. Access the northern path where the EATZ Cafe abuts the Los Feliz Municipal Golf Course parking lot - and don’t ever again question whether the river is authentic.
Yes, we all know the river is authentic. And so is that American cheese on the omelettes at Los Feliz Cafe! (Formerly EATZ Cafe, LA Mag, who's fact-checking?) But who cares, as long as you get breakfast next to a putting green for less than 10 bucks.


Will Campbell... said...

I'm personally put out at L.A. Mag for listing biking behind walking and jogging on the BIKEway.

And BTW, The Los Feliz course is more than a putting green... it's one my favorite par-threes in the city -- especially for glowball night golf!

Sherrie said...

I thought of you and this blog when I read that.

(There was a little eastside bashing in that issue as well - they panned Sunset Junction and accused it of 'selling out' and other such eastside hatred...)

AVN said...

No slight intended. I actually meant the back patio at Los Feliz Cafe is actually next to the putting green on the Los Feliz course.