July 2, 2009

New Speed Humps Installed in Atwater Village

New Speed Hump, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

AS FORESHADOWED by new street signs last month, the City of Los Angeles is installing lovely speed humps today and tomorrow in Atwater Village.

Till now Valleybrink Road suffered one of the longest unregulated stretches of residential asphalt in the neighborhood. Commuters on shortcuts to and from Glendale Blvd. bolted along 1,600 feet of zoom room. And it seemed like nothing (kids, dogs, seniors, parked cars, palm fronds, trash bins) could keep them from besting 25 MPH.

But now, word is, these humps will work. Drivers will be forced to slow down to 15 MPH, thanks to long-term and determined efforts of our neighborhood petitioners and city reps.

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tomN! said...

Now if we could get some on La Clede.