September 19, 2006

Save Your Eggs

Gentrification is in the eye of the beholder. From Curbed LA:

A question about a neighborhood on the edge. "A check cashing place just opened near my home in Atwater Village. Is this a sign we're degentrifying?? ...and how many times do i have to egg it to make it leave?"

Check-cashing joints get a bad rap. What exactly is their crime? Would we prefer a "legit" bank like US Bank, one that ties all sorts of strings to "free" checking, holds deposits up to 30 days and charges $45 for overdrafting?

When long-term banking fees exceed instant check-cashing fees, it's no wonder 20 percent of Americans decide to remain unbanked. I, for one, support them.

Don't worry, gentrifiers. There's still hope for The Home Depot.

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sherru said...

Check cashing places always have huge, obnoxious ugly signs and banners...they seem to usually be an eyesore. Since this one opened up, I haven't looked directly at it. I was disappointed they didn't put something more interesting in that retail space.