January 28, 2011

Winners Along LA River

Waving Winner
HERE'S MY SNAPSHOT of cyclists rolling north along the Los Angeles River bike path, gratefully receiving impromptu applause from the group of walkers touring Glassell Park and Atwater Village. (Tour led by LA's "stair master," Bob Inman.) As seen on The Source blog of LA County's Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and my Flickr stream.


tomes said...

Bike Corral going up Highland Park... this is EXACTLY what they need in front of Kaldi Coffee on Glendale Blvd across from Madera. There is space, and it'd serve the area beautifully. Get cracking, Atwaterians! (I live in Glendale, so that's not my hood, although my in-laws live a few blocks from that intersection, and I ride my bike into that area all the time)


Anonymous said...

I think cyclist are so inspirational. It takes such endurance. I went on Skilloop.com and found someone to get me in shape so I could take part in one of these awesome marathons!