November 10, 2010

Theater for Short Attention Spans

SORRY, WHAT was that? Oh, right. The Atwater Playhouse presents Puppies, Plays, Trains and Family Names, an evening of one-act performances at 3191 Casitas Avenue:

  • Friday Nov. 12, 8:00pm
  • Saturday Nov. 13, 8:00pm
  • Friday, Nov. 19, 8:00pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 20, 8:00pm

One-act plays include:

  • Puppies with Papers by Catherine Pelonero
  • What Play? by Franco D'Alessandro
  • Family Names by Catherine Pelonero
  • Night Train by Gena Acosta

Tickets are $15 each and reservations are required, (323) 769-5808.

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