July 12, 2010

Hit-and-Run Accident in Central Atwater Village

Just witnessed a major car accident in Atwater Village! Drive... on TwitpicACCORDING TO this eyewitness, a driver hit a parked car yesterday, July 11, on Valleybrink Road in a heavily residential area of central Atwater Village. See the full-size photo here. Los Angeles Fire Department arrived on the scene, but the witness says the injured driver took off, and no one else was hurt. Still, looks like a mess.


DGI said...

I saw this happen. We were at an open house and it happend right in front of 15 people. The guy took off running up the street. Is there no police report? How can I find out what happend? If they caught the guy. The police were so slow to show up, a good 5 min after the fire truck.

Kristin said...

We saw him zip past our house while standing in the front yard, driving like a maniac a good 60 MPH. He nearly hit another car head on, lost control and almost took out the fire hydrant. Next door neighbor put out the flames with a garden hose before the fire truck arrived.

I'd be curious if they found the guy, we suspect he was driving a stolen car.