June 21, 2010

Reporting Graffiti? There's an App for That

Los Feliz Blvd., Eastbound, As Seen from the Baum Bicycle Bridge

NO FLYING CARS just yet, but Los Angeles city government is at least going futuristic with its latest citizen reporting mechanism: iPhone apps. So reports the LA Times:
"It's like having a city official in your pocket," said John Chuldenko, who recently used the app to report graffiti he spotted while strolling through his Atwater Village neighborhood. He was floored when the graffiti was gone a week later. "I've never been the type to report all these things," Chuldenko said. "But now that it's so easy, I do it all the time."
In addition to council district 13 residents using the "Garcetti 311" iPhone app, citizens all over LA can report graffiti and other city government issues the old-fashioned way by calling 311.

(Council district 2 has similar apps for iPhone and Android.)

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Walt said...

Researched this, and it seems reports get posted online and essentially filed into a circular file. 311 & on-line anti-graffiti request system run by LA City OCB, is WAY more effective.

Also interesting to note that City Sourced, has apps for Apple's iPhone for different cities, but only LA's is named after a politician.