March 18, 2008

Greenward or Greensward? 2 Names, One Street

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MERE YARDS AWAY from each other, just south of Glendale Blvd., sit two streets signs. One labels the first turn after I-5 as Greenward. The other labels it Greensward. Both purport to be in the 3500 block. (Though one gets more specific about being the 3500 block west.)

What gives? Street department typo? All maps point toward the correct name of the street being Greensward - with the s - so how'd this rogue sign get posted?

Greensward or Greenward, 1 of 2
Greensward or Greenward, 2 of 2


Hilary said...

There's something similar in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills:

So odd how stuff like that happens!

Aaron said...

Indeed. In my block, Lacie Street is La Cie Street. And there's also a sign for Chevi Chase. I suspect "typos."

MJS said...

I have a 1934 Gilmore's map book of Los Angeles (a Thomas Guide of sorts, complete with street layouts, etc.). It shows Valleybrink as two separate words: Valley Brink. It's a wonder we can find our way home sometimes...


Geo said...

Oops they forgot the "S". The original subdivision map spells it out as Greensward.