December 25, 2007

Atwater Chatter: Happy Christmas Edition

Icy Broadmoor Lake, originally uploaded by Atwater Village Newbie.

WE'RE HAPPY TO BE BACK where traffic (not weather) will strand you at the mall and where "storm watches" are issued for half an inch of rain. Here's how people are marking the holidays in and around our little LA neighborhood:
Happy Christmas - It's Christmas Eve in Atwater Village, the Santa Ana's are blowing hard and the modest residents of Atwater (all working class and middle class and brilliantly diverse) have gone to no small trouble to deck their halls. [MilesThink]

TESCO Fresh and Easy - I'd picked up my car from our Atwater Village mechanic at just before lunchtime Wednesday, so on my way home I stopped by the Glassell Park F&E. Liked the selection even more than Arcadia's. [Chowhound]

Bingo Night at Bigfoot Lodge - Bingo, bizarre film projections and beer. [Metromix]

Atwater Village Wine Bar - At last, the wine shop/wine bar has been named. Welcome 55 Degrees to the neighborhood. Let's hope she opens soon, as mama is thirsty. [MilesThink]

It Caught My Eye: Big River Car - Maybe it has something to do with the proximity to the freeway, otherwise I'm not sure how this stretch of LA River's east bank through Atwater Village became a canvas for car art. [screenwriteralex posting a great photo by wildbell]

Fresh Sauerkraut - The best kraut I've found around here is the very good Kruegermann's, made by a German family in Atwater Village and available at various markets around LA. [Chowhound]


meekorouse said...

Hurray! Welcome back! Missed your posts.. hope you both have a wonderful holiday.

AVN said...

Nice to be back! To combine the LA Christmas traditions of going to a movie and going out for Chinese, we went to see a movie at the Mann Chinese theater. Then we drove up a wonderfully vacant Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles on Christmas is the best!

Will Campbell... said...

Not to be all hahbumbug over here in Silver Lake (and it's nice that ScreenwriterAlex found my Flickr photo of the big river car fit to post on his blog), but can't the photographer and captioner get gifted with some love, too?

AVN said...

Will - I added a link to your photo here, too.

Will Campbell... said...

Thanks AVN!

crowdercrew said...

are you ever coming back?

Miles said...

Thanks again for the shout outs, but long time, no post...Hope all is ok.

meekorouse said...

hey there AVN doing alright? Granted you aren't here for my amusement but I do like to read your blog, and you've been missing.. I hope you and yours are alright!

Best wishes for 2008

AVN said...

I'm still here! Lots of travel around the new year, but hopefully things will settle down. I appreciate your continued support and patronage of the Newbie blog.