September 21, 2007

Locked Out! AVNC Removes Forum

WHAT WAS AN OFTEN lively if sometimes petty and etiquette-free neighborhood forum has been "removed." The host site belonging to Atwater Village Neighborhood Council offers no explanation.

Please say this isn't election related. It's one thing for candidates to fire potshots at each other. It's another thing to shut out all 8,000 voters.

Do we have to cancel another election, or are we all gonna play nice this time?


AVEnquirer said...

No matter how much many in the community may want to forget the unpleasantness and disappointment of last February’s failed AVNC election, the current election officials can not intentionally hide factual posts in the AVNC public open forum about what happened. To do so now is to show inappropriate favoritism which may benefit the perpetrating candidate, and could influence this next election’s outcome. Election officials and those who run for this volunteer public service office should be held accountable for their intents and actions – past and present.

Some may say this all is just, “infighting and petty,” but to be a player or contender in this neighborhood political game one must abide by and follow certain policies, procedures, guidelines, rules set by the City’s Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the AVNC.

Miles said...

The AVNC should reveal what the comments were and let the residents decide whether they were appropriate or not. A forum is meant to be an open means of communication and to close it with no explanation does the neighborhood a disservice. The AVNC should reopen the forum.

Jory Felice said...

The topic of the Online Forums is on the agenda of the next AVNC board meeting.

Taking down the Online Forum was an extreme reaction for sure but given the impact of the website on the last election I understand why it had to happen.

As the administator and moderator, I hope to help get them back online soon.

AVEnquirer said...

Jory, with all due respect . . . I must correct you and those who will be misinformed by your post.

You posted, “ . . . but given the impact of the website on the last election . . . “ Not so my friend. Check the dates. On February 21st, 2007 the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council Election was postponed by IEA Walt Sweeney. The official report is posted on AVNC website:

Check the first post date of Online Form discussion thread. Newbie’s link: Google cached an old (July post). That first post was February 22nd . . . the day after the postponement announcement.

The AVNC website’s Online Forum had nothing to do with the cancelling of the last election. It was just the venting forum after the fact.

Miles said...

Bollocks, I say. Reopen the forum. Newbie, you gonna censure me? :)

AVN said...

Sorry, AV Enquirer, but it's true that among Walt Sweeney's reasons for canceling the February election was activity on the AVNC web site. (Though it wasn't on the forum section.) See my post with Walt's quote for details.


AVEnquirer said...

Thank you avn, you are very right. In the last election one of the candidates was given access to the AVNC’s website and altered election related information. A big no-no! That was part of the scandal back then, and that fact came out at the March AVNC Board meeting.

Emily said...

Please bring it back! There is much to say! A kitty who I am nearly SURE belongs to someone in this neighborhood is calling my doorstep home.

The kitty has been chipped and yet the person who chipped him never registered the chip. AHHHGGGGH!

Bring back the forums!!! I want to feel a part of this community again, even if only online.