July 6, 2007

Atwater Chatter: Independence Week Edition

I HEREBY DECLARE that I am willing to sign any petition legally requiring Independence Day to be celebrated on either the first Friday or first Monday of July. Anything but Wednesday. Now, onto news from in and around our little banana-shaped microcosm of Los Angeles:
Vince's Market: Now - "One of those rare local family owned markets still in existence here in LA." [Goodgoings]

Vince's Market: Then - "Opened in June 1939... the store was purchased by Joseph Caravella and his wife Mabel and named for their son Vince." [Friends of Atwater Village]

How To Get Pot. Ted. I mean, POT-TED - "Dedicated to flipping a sad outdoor spot like mine into a happy, chic entertaining mecca." [LA Apartmenttherapy]

Sounds of Atwater Village - "Aaron & Paula give listeners a taste of what goes on outside their windows on a daily basis and, folks, it ain't always pretty." [MP3 podcast from StopPopAndRoll]

Rent Check! $465, $1,695, $1,850, $2,450, [Craigslist]


Jim said...

I live down the street from Vince's. Their ham and cheese sandwiches are the best ever. They're $1.25 now, but I bought em for $0.50 for years, then $0.75, then a few minor increases through the years. It's still the best deal in town. Their Mexican Special is awesome, plus the BBQ beef is good too. I always grab a Jarritos with my sandwich.

AVN said...

I've got to get over there. Who knew, a year into living in Atwater Village, I'd still have so much to try. Who knew?!?