January 10, 2011

Coming to Casitas Row: ATX Eatery

3245 Casitas Avenue

FARM-TO-TABLE restaurant coming to 3245 Casitas Avenue in Atwater Village, from the folks behind Atwater Crossing:
In early 2011, a new restaurant — the ATX Eatery — will warm the hearth of the complex with a menu built around the highest quality ingredients, a true passion for freshly prepared food, and a state-of-the-art Italian wood burning pizza oven.

Vegetables and herbs will be grown on an onsite linear farm, with meals served in a marvelous 4,000 square foot patio and a permeable indoor dining area.

In the evenings, this dining area will host an eclectic mix of live jazz and classical music, as well as curated film series and performances.
The Atwater Crossing complex already hosts creative spaces like Dark Dark Science Gallery and Blue Rooster Studios, all just a block down from Atwater Playhouse. As always, with interesting neighborhood news, email atwatervillagenewbie@gmail.com.


Miles said...

this is super exciting. it's a block away from us...

Unknown said...

we can't wait! we're one block away too.NO Cars!

Monica Haynes said...

This is awesome!

Unknown said...

Can you please add a Facebook SHARE or LIKE on these types of fab stories so that I can brag about my local neighborhood?

LisaGarden said...

I heard that they were going to open in April. Any updates as to when they will open?