September 1, 2009

What's the Scoop with Old Cold Stone Creamery?

FROM A SLEUTH via email: "Just wondered if anyone knew what was happening inside the old Cold Stone on Glendale? There seems to be some activity happening inside. Air-conditioning unit stripped out, paper on the windows. Pink Berry, Red Mango, who has the scoop?" Indeed, what is heating up there? The retail slot at 3134 Glendale Blvd. has been vacant since December 2008
UPDATE: From the AVNC forum, word is this spot will be an as-yet-unnamed art-themed coffee, juice and organic food cafe of some kind, probably not unlike the new-ish Yoga Lab about 3 blocks up.


Unknown said...

Over on the AVNC forum woofdogboutique started a thread about this very topic. Apparently it will be a "ART/COFFEE/JUICE/ORGANIC Cafe."

xulitron said...

ooooh for the munchies craving crowd from 2 business down.