August 10, 2009

What's That Odd Little Building by the Post Office?

>I WAS SUSPICIOUS of the window sign, "iced hempaccino," on the building next to our neighborhood post office. Was this yet another new business hanging off the quickly-departing caboose of the medical marijuana gravy train in Atwater Village?

Not exactly. The Yoga Lab, 3362 Glendale Blvd., is a yoga studio, health shop and juice bar rolled into one black-and-white brick box. Blog reader and band member of Silver Phial reports: "I stopped in to the Yoga Lab last week and really enjoyed their selection of drinks and their extensive knowledge of nutrition. Really friendly folks and they have a beautiful sit-down counter."

As for that iced hempaccino? It's purified water, organic coffee infused with herbal extracts, vanilla hemp milk and agave. No prescription required.


MrDigs said...

that Iced Hempacino is like a coffee milkshake, but better for you.

The Yoga Lab said...

At The Yoga Lab, all Yoga classes are donation-based for the month of August! (possibly into September), and they are going to start serving wheat grass shots infused with their delicious organic drinks!

Mindy said...

My husband brought home two cups of the iced Hemp Milk last week and it was delicious. Definitely worth supporting this local business.