November 19, 2006

Wilshire Power Walk

I grudgingly accept the blogging hierarchy in Los Angeles.

I know that in the Blog-LA-sphere* some blogs - Defamer, Curbed, LAist- lead the pack in readership, revenue, frequency of posting and usage of multi-syllable adverbs.

But I don't know what kind of mad power grab would let a blogger believe he could lead two dozen of us on a 16.2-mile walk.







As an LA blogging newbie, I had little choice but to submit to the eight-hour concrete march yesterday.

And except for a couple of overstretched knees, the most memorable parts of strolling LA's Grand Concourse were the beginning (downtown, Park Plaza Hotel, Koreatown) and the end (Santa Monica).

They offered the best sight-seeing - and the fewest strange looks.

That whole stretch in the middle - Mid-Wilshire, Beverly Hills, Westwood - are best viewed by car. (Explains a bit about west-side LA culture, yes?)

Speaking of west-siders, the Ladies Who Lunch at Beverly Hills sidewalk cafes seemed disconcerted by the sight of 20+ marchers. Especially when they found out we were walking for no reason whatsoever.

We needed a cause, they said.

So thanks, ladies, for the suggestion of "overcrowded women's prisons." I'll think of them when I spend the only cash raised on the Wilshire walk: a $1 bill I found blowing underfoot on a Koreatown sidewalk.

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